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Welcome to Psych Interview. We have a simple aim – to equip you with skills that help you not only to pass your psychiatry exams successfully but also to excel in your clinical practice. You are about to watch and learn the techniques that have helped many get through both the MRCPsych and FRANZCP Exams with ease – and yes, on the first try. The interview skills and techniques in Psych Interview have been developed meticulously… more

56 scenarios across 9 psychiatry domains, over 600 minutes of interview and study material.

Here you can browse through descriptions of 56 scenarios under 9 different domains. All scenarios are based on past CASC / OSCE stations and clinical practice. They consist of several themes combined in one; hence, for the shorter exams like CASC and RANZCP, only one part of the video may be asked. Once you master the skills, you can modify each task to your preferred time.

Full subscription packages include all the listed scenarios, and the GP & Allied Mental Health packages include 30 scenarios that are marked below with an asterisk*. Click on a specific scenario headline to view the tasks covered. To view the domain group separately, click on a domain headline and you will be taken to a new page.

iPhone and iPad compatible

Enhance your psychiatry skills on the go or when relaxing on the couch at home. All Psych Interview training videos are iPhone and iPad compatible.

  • Psychiatry training, exam preparation and skills enhancement
  • 56 comprehensive scenarios across 9 psychiatry domains
  • Over 10 hours of video material
  • Practical, clinical scenarios developed by Psychiatrists
  • Clear guidance provided by buzzwords
  • 45 Evidence based lecture notes
  • Ideal for the OSCE based exams, such as CASC, RANZCP, American and Canadian Board Exams
  • Separate GP & Allied Mental Health package for enhancing primary care skills
  • Highly recommended for non-native English speakers
  • iPhone compatible

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